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10 Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Benefits and Side Effects!

Endocrinology lesson 1.0.1, Human growth hormone is the reason why we grow up to be a man with all that muscular physique and other discriminating traits.

The pituitary gland is the prime location from where Growth Hormones releases and it further stimulates the production of Testosterone and other essential hormones.

benefits and side effects of hgh supplements

The technical name for human growth hormone is Somatotropin and they are released in a large amount when you enter the puberty.

That’s the time when your body needs full growth and cellular activation of the enzymatic system.

When you get older, it’s not like growth hormones are stopped being produced, but their rate is quite limited to keep your muscle mass strong, with active mental and sexual health.

Human growth hormones are available in injection form used by world-class athletes for a significant boost in their performance.

The effects of HGH show remarkable differences in overall body performance, but they do also posses dreadful side effects. It’s not a wise choice to rely on the injections for something that already forms in your body in a gradual way.

Some people cannot produce sufficient amount of growth hormones, which is why they have to switch to the HGH injections.

Getting your growth hormones enhanced is one thing, but there are ways with much fewer side effects and more safety.

HGH Supplements

Human growth hormone is available in 2 different forms, supplements and injections.

human growth hormones injections

Being into a fitness domain you may have a sane mind to differentiate the safer option which is, of course, the supplement.

When we talk about HGH injections, they are cooked in the lab with or without the clean facility.

The doses are unknown as sometimes it can be available in the double quantity which leads to a serious risk-taking situation.

You got to be very cautious about the dosage of these growth hormones as have a tendency to change your entire physique.

If you are taking doses you don’t know about, beware of the adverse effects.

The side effect first appears in a shape of infections, which is caused by unsanitary needle insertion.

HGH also affects your bones and vital organs such as heart and increases their vulnerability.

Where HGH supplements are much safer and effective choice since they have the natural formula inside.

One of the most demanded growth hormone supplement is HGH-X2 which have 10 different types of herbal ingredients such as hawthorn, maca etc.

Supplements like this can elevate the level of growth hormones naturally without harming your body organs.

Benefits of HGH

If you get your hands on a natural HGH supplement, you can get plenty of benefits from this such as.

1. Muscle Building

Human Growth Hormone pushes the process of Protein Synthesis which is the paramount step in building more muscles.

You will make enough muscle mass with a tremendous amount of energy which helps you lose weight as well.

2. Massive Strength Gain

When you have sufficient amount of growth hormones rushing in your blood, it gives you bigger muscle mass along with the full amount of strength within.

Big muscles with no strength are just useless and they can’t be further grown.

3. Rapid Fat Loss

You get the intense amount of energy from HGH which makes your body burn the maximum amount of calories.

When you burn calories on a daily basis you will lose weight from the most sensitive parts of your body such as thighs, love handle, and hip area.

4. Faster Recovery Time

recover muscle rapidly

Recovery time means after a workout your muscle feels fatigued or mild pain which demands you to rest for sometime.

HGH accelerates this process and recovers your muscles very rapidly. If you are onto strength building workout you will recover faster if there is a proper amount of HGH in your system.

5. Better Cognitive Function

Your brain also demands proper flow of growth hormones for ideal functioning.

Taking HGH supplements can alter your brain physiology and makes you more focused and mentally agile.

6. Mood Swing Treatment

Speaking of brain physiology, lack of growth hormones can lead to severe mood swings which affect your perfect happy life.

If your growth hormones levels are normal then you will find your mood quite elated and happy in most of the situations.

Even when you are handling the toughest situations, chances of getting anxious are very much lower.

7. Hair Growth

hgh improves hair growth

Blood supply is sustained in every part of your body, which means your hair follicles too.

Due to lack of blood supply, your hair cannot grow, but upon HGH consumption your hair will re-grow more efficiently than before.

8. Better Sex Drive

More growth hormones mean more Testosterone in your system which leads to much better sex life.

Men like erectile dysfunction can once again get an erection with boosted sexual appetite.

9. Stronger Bones

When your bones are weaker, it is difficult to lift heavy objects and do any tough physical task.

Increased level of HGH maintains the integrity of your bones by providing it sufficient amounts of Vitamin D and makes it resistant to breaking.

With age, your bones get weaker due to the lacking of growth hormones, with the sustained rate you can make them stronger than they ever were.

10. Better Sleep

hgh improved sleeping

Sleep puts your body in a recovery mode and this is the time when the growth hormones releases. 

Lack of sleep is bad for your health both physically and mentally.

Growth hormones bring you a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, which refreshes your whole body system for the next day.

Side Effects of HGH

Before getting Human Growth Hormone injections you might want to know about the side effects.

1. Acromegaly

Acromegaly, Dwarfism, & Gigantism

It’s a hormonal disorder that occurs when the pituitary gland is producing too much growth hormones, or if you are taking too much of it.

In men when this happens their bone size is increased.

This side effect also occurs in women who are characterized by increasing their size of feet, hands, and face.

The term “megaly” is in the condition where the enlargement of any organ or gland occurs.

For example, cardiomegaly is a term used to describe the enlargement of heart muscles which can lead to situations like a heart attack.

2. Numbness

Numbness usually occurs due to the compression or damage of the nerve ending in the brain.

The symptoms can be a tingling sensation and in most cases, it can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This can affect your daily life routine and cause huge restlessness.

3. Gynecomastia

man boobs

Gynecomastia means the development of man-boobs which can be really an awkward condition for men.

Your chest protrudes outside and gives an appearance like female boobs.

This also occurs due to the hormonal imbalance where the level of estrogen becomes higher than Testosterone, usually, you will end up with a big flabby chest which is unbearable for some men.

This can also exacerbate high cholesterol like conditions.

Dosage of Human Growth Hormone

According to many experts in endocrinology field, you shouldn’t overdose HGH even if you are consuming the natural formula.

Natural supplements like HGH-X2 should be consumed 2 capsules a day before a meal.

HGH Cycling

Do not cycle HGH with another form of growth hormones, which are synthetic in nature.

HGH Cycle

After 2 months of use, 15 days rest period is required in which your body sustains its natural ability to produce growth hormones.

By taking it continuously for months you will make your body system dependent on supplements.

HGH – Final Thoughts

Human Growth Hormones are very much important for your body and mind functions, but upon overdose, they are very much dangerous which you should know.

As long as you are taking natural supplements like HGH-X2 you won’t be exposed to the side effects.

Consider the dosage and HGH cycle cautiously as it can make your disrupt your physique.